About Ærø:

Ærø is known as the most beautiful island in Denmark, and is nestled in the southern Danish archipelago. Although it's only an hour's ferry ride from the real world, it is one of the best kept secrets in Denmark. It is a magical place to live, and to visit. With its gentle rolling countryside and spectacular sea views in every direction, it's a perfect getaway. In the centre of the island is Ærøskøbing, also known as the "fairytale town". One of the best preserved complete historic small towns in Denmark, it is famous for its colourful houses with their unique front doors, and for its cobbled streets dating back to the middle ages. Marstal, a 20 minute drive away, has an extraordinary maritime history and is famous as the setting for Carsten Jensen's bestseller "We the Drowned". Oh, and there is no traffic, the buses are free, and the crime rate zero!

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