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I just love weddings, I really do! I spent my early years in Ghana, and then moved to Japan when I was 9, where I went to school until I was 16. But my family are from Ærø, and can be traced back here for many generations. Ærø has always been home to us. Like the swallows we returned to Ærø every summer. I always knew that Ærø was a very special place, and the most perfect wedding location, because it has a romantic style and charm I have never found anywhere else. I started out working as a cabin attendant for Japan Airlines, based in the UK. After 5 years in JAL I needed a change and started my first company, importing candles and other stylish Danish stuff to the UK. I married John in Vicenza in 2000 and we have 2 boys, Max & Charlie. We lived in Italy, Berlin and Brussels.  When we moved back to Ærø I started Danish Island Weddings in 2008, the first wedding agency on the island.



I was born in Japan - hence my name - and grew up in the UK, USA and on Ærø. I studied at Copenhagen Business School where I got my Master’s degree in law and economics. I worked for a film company for a couple of years, but my real passion is singing, and I still do the occasional gig when I have the time. I came back to Ærø in 2013 to work full time for DIW. I like people, long walks with my dog Murphy, and football. Louise's my older sister; she was always certain she knew how things should look and what was best for everyone, and now I am beginning to think she was probably right!


I'm a dog; I guard the office do waggy-tail stuff, mostly.



I grew up in Ghana and Japan and worked as a flight attendant for JAL based in the UK - Louise and I even flew together a few times. I married an American and now live in the States. I love languages and I try to keep my Japanese up to date. I worked as a special needs teacher when my two children were young. They are now both at college in Florida, so I spend as much time as I can on Ærø, especially since Yuki adopted my dog Murphy. I work online from Illinois where I live most of the time. So it works out that I am well placed to talk with any US-based couples.  The rest of the team tease me for using 5 different color codes when I file wedding bookings, but hey, I like to be organized. Louise's my younger sister; Yuki's assessment of her is pretty much spot on. Like the rest of the family I gradually got lured into the wedding business, and I love it!



When we got married I had no idea Louise was nurturing a secret plan to make Ærø the wedding centre of the world. So my plans to golf and fish have been put on hold for a bit. I grew up in Sussex, and got a Master's degree in PPE at Oxford University before joining the RAF.  I flew Tornadoes and Jaguars, and then ended up as the Air Attache in the UK Embassy in Berlin, and finally as a staff officer in NATO HQ. For the weddings my 30 years of military training come in handy for opening bottles of Moet, although my main jobs are accounting, invoicing and advertising. But I get to work in the same office as Louise, Yuki, Anna, Neli and Mira, so it is not all bad news.



I grew up here on Ærø, and moved off the island to train as a beautician in Copenhagen. Moloney insists that I mention that I was also a finalist in Denmark's Next Top Model, but that was years and years ago! I started working for DIW in 2013. I love my job, since I do bridal hair and makeup on all the beautiful brides. I love plants and flowers and all things natural – and Danish design and organic cosmetics, which I prefer to use!  I also look after the DIW flower garden which is in my own back yard not far from the office. I enjoy doing the flower decorations, and I am so inspired by Karen Blixen. I got married myself in August 2017 to my long-term partner Stefan, and between us we have 3 children.



British born and bred, I now live between Denmark and the UK. Louise and I go back 20 years when we met in Wales on an art course. She always talked about the magical little island that she was from and the first time I visited Aeroe I fell in love with it. So now that my 4 kids have grown up, I can spend 6 months of the year on the island working exclusively for DIW and couldn’t be happier. Photography has always been an important part of my life; as a child I could see pictures everywhere, shadows that made funny shapes, and was fascinated by facial expressions, especially when people were unaware I was looking. My passion now is to create artistic documentary photographs that tell stories, the real moments that make life so special. I gained a photography degree at Staffordshire university and have won several awards for my art. Working commercially for The Hut Group and Photolink gave me a valuable insight into the creation of fashion and product imagery but my heart is here with my happy couples and I simply love my job. Oh, and the rest of the team call me Tigger, because I bounce a lot!  View my work here.


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